Steering a versatile team, I developed a rich portfolio of multimedia assets including videos and flipbooks, and spearheaded diverse events. I cultivated a marketing department of eight, rolled out holistic campaigns across various mediums, and fostered collaborations with industry forerunners. Beyond strategy, I led agent training in marketing, provided personal branding consultations, oversaw our social media narratives, managed company events to boost engagement, and chaired the Community Outreach Committee, ensuring a cohesive approach across all offices.
As the lead for planning an annual real estate awards event, I steered a dedicated team to cater to over 300 notable agents. We crafted everything from centerpieces and immersive slideshows to tailored invitations, entertainment, awards, and name tags. Our collaborative effort ensured each aspect of the event echoed a harmonious blend of sophistication and coordination, making it a standout celebration of the industry's finest.
Leading a dynamic team of creatives, I spearheaded the design and development of an extensive range of flipbooks tailored for our agents and the company at large. The series showcased our luxury home offerings, celebrated the annual awards ceremony, provided relocation insights, offered seller guidance, elucidated recruitment strategies, and introduced a Canva directory for seamless agent assistance. Our collaborative approach guaranteed that every piece was both visually captivating and rich in content, underscoring the brand's commitment to excellence.
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