Baking Buyer was created to serveretail, foodservice and intermediate wholesale bakery businesses. Baking Buyer deals with issues affectingbusiness owners who bake on premise. Every issue profiles store operations. Regular departments and how-to columns ondecorating, bread-making and specialty production offer the latest inproduction, techniques and industry trends. Equipment, ingredients andlabor-saving products also are showcased.

Design original concept as well as monthly layouts for Baking Buyer, a leading national monthly publication. Responsible for conceptualization and design of solutions to their completion. Hire and manage freelance illustrators and photographers. Direct and style magazine photoshoots. Work with printers monthly to produce a quality product. Work closely with editorial and sales staff to collaborate on developing innovative ideas. Create magazine inserts for advertisers. Above Illustration by Brent Engstrom and Leslie Lammle.

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